What is MordhauBuddy?

MordhauBuddy is a collection of tools that the community already has in piecemeal or not at all. The goal is not only bring them all into a convenient package, but to also allow for cross platform functionality, and reduce the burden of keeping track and updating each separate piece of software. MordhauBuddy will notify you when there is a new release, and update with a single click when a new release is available.

The main features that MordhauBuddy enables you to do is:

  • Keep up to date on community news
    • Displays latest Mordhau announcements.
  • Manage local-only mods (such as skins, sounds, etc.)
  • Manage custom settings not available in the UI
    • Things like disabling sun glare, adjusting panini projection, and disabling in-game fog.
  • Modify character faces with multiple options:
    • Frankenstein - Set all values to the minimum or maximum allowed
    • Random - Set all values randomly
    • Import - Import someone else's character so you can be ugly together
    • Export - Spread your filth with the world
  • Creates and manages backups for any non-map related task
    • Can be adjusted in the settings

How to get MordhauBuddy

Go to the releases page on the Github repo and download the package most applicable to your operating system.

You only need to download the .exe for Windows or .AppImage for Linux. The other files are for auto-updating which is handled by the application. (You will see an update button pop up in the top right-hand corner.)

With Linux:

  • Most distributions are supported, if you have an issue please let me know and I will try to fix it.
  • It is distributed in AppImage format, which is plug and play for most popular distros.
    • You may need to right click and go to properties to give it permissions to execute.
    • Some distributions such as Debian will need the start up flag --no-sandbox in order to run.

With Windows:

  • The installer is easy to install, a single click in fact.


  • Functionality - Some example use cases for the application.
  • API Reference contains automatically generated documentation for all types, modules and functions in the library. This includes additional brief samples on using most of the functions. This is only helpful if you plan on contributing.


The project is hosted on Github where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests. Please take a look at the contribution guidelines for more information.